YouTube Creators Can Now Add a 3-Second Intro to All Their Videos

YouTube has added a new feature for content creators: they can now add a 3-second intro to all their videos. The intro will automatically start on videos on their channel.
To set it up, you need to upload the 3-second introductory video as an unlisted video, and then select “add a channel branding intro” on your channel’s InVideo Programming page. Then you can choose which videos the intro will appear on.


4 SEO Myths & Conspiracy Theories

1. Paying For Google AdWords = Higher Organic Rankings
Not surprisingly, the first one he mentions is regarding advertising. The myth: if you pay for Google AdWords, then you’ll rank higher in the organic search. Then, there’s the exact opposite conspiracy theory: that you’ll rank better in organic search results if you don’t buy ads.
“We sort of feel like we should get those two conspiracy camps together and let them fight it all out,” Cutts said. “And whoever emerges from one room we can just debunk that one conspiracy theory.”
2. Google Changes Its Algorithm to Force People to Buy Ads
Another common one is that Google exchanges to the algorithm in order to drive sites traffic down so that they’re forced to buy ads to compensate for the traffic.
“There’s a related conspiracy theory, or myth, which is Google makes its changes to try to drive people to buy ads. And having worked in the search-quality group, and working at Google for over 13 years, I can say, here’s the mental model you need to understand why Google does what it does in the search results.
“We want to return really good search results to users, so that they’re happy, so that they’ll keep coming back. That’s basically it. Happy users are loyal users, right? And so if we give them a good experience on one search, they’ll think about using us the next time they have an information need.
“And then, along the way, if somebody clicks on ads, that’s great. But we’re not going to make an algorithmic change to try to drive people to buy ads,” he said. “If you buy ads it’s not going to algorithmically help your ranking in any way, and likewise, it’s not going to hurt your ranking if you buy ads.”
3. Black Hat Tricks: The Best Way to Rank No. 1
Cutts also says that he wishes webmasters would think for themselves more, rather than relying on things they read in the black hat forums or as part of a “group think”, and thinking whatever the latest ranking fad is, that it’s the one that going to make them rank number one.
“Never be afraid to think for yourself,” Cutts said. “It’s often the case that I’ll see people get into kind of a group think.”
Cutts gave the examples of article directories, guest blogging, and link wheels as some “fads” people believed would help you to rank number one.
“And if you think about it, if somebody had a foolproof way to make money online, they would probably use that way to make money, rather than packaging it up into an ebook and selling it to people, or patching it up into a tool and selling that to people,” Cutts said.
4. SEO Tools Will Solve All Your Problems
He also cautions about various SEO tools and how people should be a little bit wary about buying the software packages that market themselves as the ultimate and only way to rank number one.
There are plenty of automated tools and SEO software packages sold on various webmaster and black hat forums, but despite assurances, many of them leave footprints that can eventually get tracked down and penalized.
“And so the idea that you’re going to be able to buy some software package and solve every single problem you’ve ever had, is probably a little bit of a bad idea,” he said. “I read an article recently where someone was talking about using some automated software package, and trying to do white hat SEO with it, which to me sounds like buying a gun and trying to use it as a hammer.
Cutts warns that you can potentially dig yourself into a hole.
“Just because somebody says they made a lot of money online doesn’t mean they really made a lot of money online,” Cutts said. “If they really made a lot of money online, they’d normally keep doing it, rather than tell you about it. So just approach some of the tools and services and products that you see on the various boards with a little bit of caution.”


Google’s ad business is more more rooted in desktop than Facebook’s

Google’s ad business is more more rooted in desktop than Facebook’s
As the company reported on Wednesday, mobile ads now represent 59% of its overall ad revenues, up from 30% in Q1 2013. Brian Wieser, an analyst with Pivotal Research, called it a “monster quarter” for Facebook that was driven largely by growth in mobile.

The situation at Google wasn’t as sunny. Since Google blamed mobile for depressing costs-per-click by 9% in the quarter, mobile was an obvious impetus for missed earnings. Even though Google’s ad business grew 16.5% in the quarter, that was less than expected. As Wieser noted, “erosion was consistent with our general expectations, if worse than we expected, and probably worse than many investors expected too.


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How SEO Services can benefit my website and Business Growth?

No website can survive on the online world without the right placement on search engines and marketing, and that’s where one would consider SEO Services Delhi. The companies offering SEO know the current industry of their clients and can change the competition by adding to the traffic and rankings. Every service has its own way of doing SEO and there are no fixed rules. In general, the SEO experts will work on the website’s current position and based on the analysis, they will plan the steps ahead and get started with the task of keyword, competition and industry analysis.
The right among SEO Services Delhi can change the overall rankings and visitors for a website in a very limited time, with the right knack for conversion rates. Some of the companies may even work on content, social media and branding, which can contribute hugely to overall business growth online and offline.


How Google Handles 404 & 410 Status Codes

Matt Cutts Explain How Google Handles 404 & 410 Status Codes
Google’s head of search spam, Matt Cutts, posted a video today explaining the difference in how Google handles 404 and 410 error status codes.

Both 404 and 410s are errors for a web page or document not being available, however a 410 is defined as “gone” forever. So 410s are more of an explicit response from the server telling you a page is really gone.

Google handles them slightly differently. With a 404, and some of the other 4xx status codes, Google will “protect” the page and not mark it as removed for about 24 hours. With a 410 status code, Google will mark the page as gone as soon as the error is noticed by GoogleBot.

Matt added, although that is the case, GoogleBot will go back and check both 404 and 410 responses later to ensure the page is really not there. Google is aware of bugs and server issues that happen and thus will check back later, several times, over the course of years, to check to see if the page is ever brought back.

In short, 410s are stamped as removed immediately and 404s aren’t for 24 hours, so GoogleBot can recheck before marking the document as removed.


SEO/SMO services in Delhi

SEO/SMO services in Delhi are in plenty and help website builders market and promote their web pages to a great extent. It is important the every website owner either hire an SEO/SMO agent for optimization or be an expert on their own.

How to choose among the many SEO/SMO companies in Delhi?

Every SEO company in Delhi has several features that one must consider and look into before hiring them. Of this two important features are listed below.

1.            Find out their expertise: The first and foremost step to take after narrowing down a list of SEO/SMO services in Delhi is to understand their previous experience and expertise. Different companies follow different methods of SEO/ SMO, understand these methods and finalize on what you want.


2.            Find out who would be working on your project: After choosing an SEO company in Delhi based on expertise the next step is to find out of their many experts who would be working on your projects. Make sure that this person is well experienced with your website theme and field. Remember that big companies sometimes just hand over work to trainees.

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What Is Alexa Rankings ?

Alexa Rankings

Alexa is a famous venture of Amazon Corporation, which is used to improve ranking of website across the world online. Based on the traffic and recorded by computers, Alexa toolbar is installed on the browser. It is obvious that you might be aware of this thing, if you are a web developer. But, the more considerable thing is, how Alexa actually tests websites ranking and how you should apply some strategies to improve ranking of your site as fast as possible and in an effective manner.

Tips For Improving Alexa Ranking Of Your Blog:

Make sure that you are posting high quality content on a regular basis over the site, because it is an important aspect of a website, which is capable of holding visitors and turn them into potential customers. Alexa algorithm also counts the frequency as well as quality of each content, which you have added on the site in order to improve ranking.

Ask your colleagues or friends to install Alexa Toolbar in their browser and inspire them to rate your own website. And, you should also install it on your system to improve the Alexa stats each time about your visited website.

You need to add Alexa Rank Widget on website or blog your own, it also helps in ranking enhancement from this link.

Promote your site as much as possible on mostly social networking websites such as Google+, Facebook, Digg, Twitter, etc. The social media websites cover alone 56% of the users who browse the internet.

Also Check: Free WordPress Installation Service

After getting all the above-mentioned information, you might get a blurred idea or few tips to improve the ranking over most search engines. You need to main focus in the direction of Alexa Toolbar approach and target those users who are having it installed in their browsers. Just examine, which category of people are mainly come under this category. Usually, web developers, internet marketers, bloggers, SEO analysts, e-commerce business owners, etc., are counted in such category who have Alexa Toolbar installed on their systems to let them analyze their online performanc



Google Tips For Identifying If Your Site Has Been Hacked, And How To Fix It

A post went up on Google’s official Webmaster Central Blog last night from a representative of the Search Quality Team providing tips for how to find out if your site has been hacked, as well as fix it and prevent future incidents.

Since hacking is surprisingly common I felt it was important to pass along this information to SEJ readers. Please take a minute or two to review these tips, even if you don’t think you may be a victim of hacking. No one ever expects their site to get hacked, so it’s good to be prepared in the unfortunate event that it does happen.

Adding spammy pages are the most common way hackers take advantage of vulerable sites, Google says. Hackers add spammy pages to redirect users to undesired or harmful destinations. For example, Google says they have seen a rise in hacked sites redirecting visitors to online shopping sites.
Here are some tips Google provides to help you identify hacked content on your site:

  • Check for for shady looking URLs or directories: You can check for any kind of shady activity on your site by performing a site:” search of your site in Google, such as []. If there are there any suspicious URLs or directories that you do not recognize, they may have been added by a hacker.
  • Check the Search Queries page in Webmaster Tools for unnatural looking queriesThe Search Queries page shows Google Web Search queries that have returned URLs from your site. Look for unexpected queries as it can be an indication of hacked content on your site.
  • Turn on email forwarding in Webmaster Tools: Google will send you a message if they detect that your site may be compromised. Messages appear in Webmaster Tools’ Message Center but it’s a best practice to also forward these messages to your email.

Here are some tips Google provides for how to fix and prevent hacking: hacked-site-637x269

  • Stay informed The Security Issues section in Webmaster Tools will show you hacked pages detected on your site. Google also provides detailed information to help you fix your hacked site.
  • Protect your site from potential attacks: Prevent attacks by keeping the software that runs your website up-to-date, sign up to get the latest security updates for your website management software, and choose a provider that you can trust to maintain the security of your site.

Google also reminds you can help keep the web safe by reporting sites you believe may have been hacked. If you find suspicious sites in Google search results, you can report them using the Spam Report tool.



Website Designing With Html 5, Flash

Website Designing With Html 5, Flash

We live in an era where technology has become a need rather than a luxury. Thus more and more organizations are trying to make their presence felt in the web world. This has led to a sudden spurt in the website designing . Newer tools and applications are being launched to help the users design interactive and dynamic web pages without having to key in extensive coding. Thus, website designing with HTML 5 and Flash is the in thing in the present time. HTML 5 has numerous new tags which enable the users to incorporate videos and do a lot more with their web pages, while Flash helps to create dynamic banners and enhance the look and feel of the web page. Hence when these two effective means are combined then the outcome is a webpage with the best animated effects and interactive components which will make an impact on the end users.

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