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Google is rolling out our Panda 4.0 update starting today

Google has updated Panda, the algorithm it uses to weed out what it deems to be low-quality search results.Panda was introduced in early 2011 as part of The Chocolate Factory’s never-ending quest to sell more ads ensure search results satisfy searchers’ thirst for knowledge. It’s been controversial because some web publishers and businesses have felt it reduced traffic flowing to their sites, sometimes unfairly or arbitrarily.
Dishing out a little pain is Google’s intent as is evident in the fact that Matt Cutts, author of the Tweet below announcing that Panda 4.0 is now upon us, glories in the title “head of the webspam team at Google.”


Top Seo Company in West Delhi


Top Seo Company in West Delhi

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Social Media Optimization Company in Delhi

Social Media Optimization Company   in Delhi

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