Multimedia is one of the fast emerging area in the field of computers. Corporates all over the world today are using Multimedia Presentations as a medium of communication. Interactivity has created a new world of possibility. By repositioning content to create opportunity, Acme Graphix helps you leverage your existing strengths. Acme Graphix draws upon twelve years of development and designing experience to provide expertise in the integration of traditional and interactive media.

Acme Graphix harnesses the power of multimedia to create interactive marketing tools. We design and develop a number of interactive products for companies to cater to their various marketing, training and communication needs. We create innovative applications in the area of interactive multimedia information systems, from dynamic event presentations to customized CD-ROM titles. Our professionals create animations both in 2D (2-Dimensions) and 3D (3-Dimension) using latest in technology that gives presentation more depth naturally.

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