What is Link Building?

Why is there no standard definition? It isn’t like link building is a secret. According to a recent survey, 80 percent of companies engaged in SEO are spending more than $1,000 a month on link building.


The lack of a standard definition leads to a large amount of confusion within the industry itself. I’ve met other SEOs and marketers who had a tenuous grasp on link building at best. It’s not like there’s an SEO college. Forget that: SEO is barely taught in universities at all.


So what is link building exactly? If you’re asking me for a bare bones definition, I would say it’s the process of going out of your way to find great links.


But I don’t think that definition truly does link building justice: it ignores the importance of link building. It ignores the crucial role it can and should play in any online marketing campaign. In my opinion, the true definition of link building doesn’t come from just asking what, it also comes from asking why.


Link building isn’t just the aforementioned process of acquiring backlinks that point to your site: it’s also a proven marketing tactic that increases brand awareness and conversions


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